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Glenn Fricker

Metal Producer, Audio Engineer, and Youtuber

"Jackson is a fantastic studio drummer who balances power with finesse. It's been my privilege to have worked with him over the last several years. I know if he's playing on my tracks, mixing the drums will NOT be a problem."


Luc Chiasson

Toronto Based Mix Engineer, Producer

I’ve hired Jackson for several projects in a wide range of genres. He’s always provided consistency and quality in everything he’s delivered, rarely ever requiring major alterations. Jackson’s built a level of trust with me to the point where I feel like he understands exactly what I’m looking for with the drum production. Always striving to improve his setup and get the most out of what he’s got, I don’t think I’ll ever hire another session drummer without at least consulting him first.


Kevin Samuel

Guitarist - Thematic

"We approached Jackson after he had been on our radar as a stellar session player. Our album needed to have a drummer that could deliver the chops to play progressive music and also showcase a professional recorded sound. Jackson delivered above and beyond that. His attentiveness to detail made a huge difference and really laid a foundation to the scope of our project."


Mark McKowen

Drummer - Divine Martyr

"The team at Strata is very knowledgeable of all things production and assesses the big picture very well with great communication, punctuality, and impeccable ability. They are quickly becoming the Indianapolis (soon-to-be Midwest's): 'go-to' studio."

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