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Jackson Ward

Owner/Founder of Strata Recording

Hey there! I’m Jackson Ward and I love grilling. I also love making records. I’ve spent the last decade working in commercial and private studios helping artists make great records. Working together with artists to craft their own sound is something that I highly value as a producer and engineer. 


I’ve been fortunate enough to work with artists like Periphery, Dance Gavin Dance, King Mothership, Global Plague, and more. When I’m not helping artists from the engineer’s chair, I’m session drumming on records for clients both local and worldwide. As a session drummer I’ve been fortunate to work with Glenn Fricker of the Spectre Sound Studios YouTube channel since 2015. In 2020, I joined Glenn and his company, Spectre Digital, in the creation of multiple virtual drum libraries, as well as audio production courses. My experience working with these artists and companies has given me insight to what makes a great record, and a great product. I’m happy to help artists make their music the best it can be. 


If you’re a solo artist or band looking for a place to record your next record, I would love to talk to you about recording here at Strata! We have a beautiful space designed to efficiently, and beautifully capture your music. If you’re a gear nut (like us) then you’ll be happy to know we utilize the amazing converters and preamps from companies like Apogee (Symphony MKII), Neve, and API. We also have a large selection of mics, drums, guitars, and countless plugins and virtual instruments - all of this within a plug-and-play space. This means less set up time, and more time spent creating. 

Reach out to us below if you’d like to have your next project recorded, mixed, or mastered by the Strata Recording team. 

Brandon Esteva

Assistant Engineer

Hey! My name is Brandon Esteva and I’m an assistant engineer here at Strata Recording. I’m a recent graduate from Butler University with a focus in Recording Industry Studies. During my time in school I got the chance to cut my teeth recording local bands and artists in the Indianapolis music scene. While at Butler I met Jackson as he was teaching a recording and mixing class. After graduating he asked me to engineer with him at Strata. 


I love engineering because I get to meet talented people while being presented with new challenges. I hope to work with you on your next project!

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