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Session Drumming

Drums are at the heart of most modern music productions, regardless of genre. When recording drums it's crucial that the playing, engineering, and tonality of the drums are all tailored to the song at hand. 

That is why we focus on delivering authentic performances using a wide range of gear - from utilizing different drums, drumheads, sticks and cymbals, all the way down to the mic, preamp, and mic placement - it's all specific to the demands and requirements of the song. 

See our gear list to find out more about what makes our drum recordings so diverse.

Session Drumming


Session drumming rates are broken down to a per-minute base price so that you can easily estimate what a session will cost you before inquiring for a quote. You will receive mix-ready multi-tracks, as well as 1 revision per session for any changes that may be needed.

The typical rate is $65/minute of recorded music, rounding to the nearest minute. For example, a song 3:20 in length would be approx. $195.

We also offer drum editing for $10/minute of recorded audio. This is optional on a per-session basis. 

Need your Drum Tracks mixed? No problem. Drum mixing for any style is available for $100/song. You'll receive a stereo drum stem, as well as processed and committed multi-tracks that you can customize your own mix with. Drum editing is included with this service. 

This is just a "rule of thumb" pricing system, so for details on what your project would cost, please inquire here about your project for a personalized quote. 

In some instances, the rate may be more than $65/minute if the song is highly demanding in terms of technical ability. This is because it takes longer to learn, rehearse and record songs of this nature. 

**Please include a link to your song(s) or demo when you inquire about pricing**

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